FAO 75 år/World Food Day

Den 16 oktober är det World Food Day och samtidigt uppmärksammas att det har gått 75 år sedan FAO bildades. Svenska FAO-kommittén bjuder därför in till ett virtuellt seminarium den 23 oktober 10.30-12.00. Seminariet fokuserar på hur vi kan bygga ett mer hållbart och motståndskraftigt lantbruk. Seminariet genomförs på engelska. Varmt välkommen att medverka!

75 years ago, a war was ravaging a large part of the world and there was a challenge to guarantee food for all. This is why the FAO, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, was formed. Today, after the COVID-19 pandemic, we need to build a system to secure food supply within the planetary boundaries.

According to FAO, significant progress has been made for improving agricultural productivity during recent decades. Even though we now produce more than enough food to feed everyone, our global food systems are out of balance. Hunger, obesity, malnutrition, environmental degradation and loss of biodiversity, poor conditions for workers in the food chain are just some of the issues that highlight this imbalance. The number of hungry people has increased over the past five years, erasing the successes of previous years. A situation that has worsened with the pandemic. Countries are now starting to plan for recovery after COVID-19 and there is momentum for shifts in systems and technology based on knowledge, innovation and digital solutions that can contribute to developing and improving food systems.

Through World Food Day, FAO calls on all of us to show global solidarity with a special focus on the most vulnerable and hungry, for them to recover from the crisis. Together, we can contribute in various ways to make for more resilient and robust food systems that can withstand future volatility prices and climate shocks, while providing us with sustainably produced, affordable and healthy food. In order for us to succeed in achieving the goal of eradicating hunger, we need social security systems, decent working conditions, digitalization, e-commerce and more sustainable agricultural practices that help protect the earth’s natural resources, our health and the climate.


  • Opening of the seminar
    Per Callenberg, State Secretary to the Minister for Rural Affairs
  • Introduction of the day
    Kajsa Johansson, Chief Senior Advisor at We Effect
    FAO movie screening “Grow, Nourish, Sustain. Together. Our Actions are our Future”
  • Grow, Nourish, Sustain. Together. Our Actions are our Future.
    Maximo Torero, Chief Economist, FAO
  • Strength and resilience through cooperation
    Movie screening and connecting comments, Anna Tibblin, General Secretary at We Effect
  • School feeding – much more than providing a meal
    Katarina Eriksson, Project and Partnership Development Director at Tetra Laval Food for Development
  • From starvation to export potentials in 200 years
    Elisabeth Hidén, President of the Federation of Young Swedish Farmers
  • Information and communication technology for future harvests
    Zoole Newa, Programme Manager – Agricultural Market Development and Inclusive Growth, Swedish Embassy Zambia
  • Panel discussion
  • Concluding remarks
    Gustav Lindskog, Programme Manager/Specialist, Unit for Humanitarian Assistance, thematic responsibility for food security and livelihoods, Sida


Follow this link to view the video from the seminar and the slides, and this to the summary of the event.